The rafts and boats of Koski-Jaakko have taken tens of thousands of passengers down the rapids of Ruunaa - even infants and gradgrandparents have got safely one more experience. In addition to traditional wooden boats made by Jaakko himself Koski-Jaakko has also air rafts and indian canoes. There are also many adventurers who have preferred swimming down the rapids to jacuzziing.

The wilderness camp of Koski-Jaakko lays on the bank of the river downstream the last rapid. It´s time to calm down and enjoy the meal in the wilderness. Or perhaps first a restful visit to the hot steam of finnish smoke sauna and after that some glow fried salmon for dinner ... and why not to stay overnight at the nearby wilderness cottage. In the wilderness camp of Koski-Jaakko there is a pavilion and an eight-cornered wooden hut with open campfire in the middle for dining and social evening. There is room for 70 persons. The smoke sauna with a restroom is quite near and the spacious wilderness cottages are behind the next hill.

See You at the rapids of Ruunaa!
Jaakko Räsänen