A hobby becomes an occupation. Driving upstream at the head of rapid Murrookoski in the beginning of 80īs - in the 
wild youth. The measures of the home-made little boat are 2,7 m, 1,3 m and 0,3 m - with a 20 hp motor a handy toy 
to play at the rapids. 

Still inside the air raft with one more experience. Rapid Neitikoski is the first one. By rapid Murrookoski paddling will 
go well. 

Is this a submarine?  I donīt think so ... at the back bench there is still a funny face.

This one at least lifts itīs front part. And in the front they are steady on their bench. 

A light dining pavilion at the wilderness camp. Old timber has got a new rain cover and can safely go on itīs almost 
150 years of service.



At a coffee break at Koski-Jaakko tiipii. Open camp fire warms up comfortably. 

A hot cup of coffee after lunch.

New generation on an excursion.  The smell of a smoke has already fastened on the skin.

Going to shoot the rapids? Letīs take the boat on to the water first. 

The smoke sauna is warming up. Letīs wait for a while before enjoying the smooth steamy heat of it.

Wilderness cottages

An image of a lonely tree on an island seen from the beach of the smoke sauna.

A birds  nest on an old berry picker, a bunch of dry flowers hanging on a broken dried up branch, a net too brittle to 
do its task.